We serve as a voice for our brothers and sisters at the legislative tables.  We bring your concerns and needs and we ensure that these are properly and fairly addressed by those we elect to serve us in public office.

04/12/17: Committee Appointed To Review Florida's State Constitution: The committee held a town hall type event on Thursday April 6, at 5 pm, at the FIU West Miami campus. It was a listening session to hear proposals from the public. Efrain Montano attended along with Passenger Loading Bridge Shop Steward Brother Robert Horton. We'd like to thank our union Brother Robert for taking time to attend and participate. Many proposals were put forward concerning issues such as:

  • The privacy protections of minors seeking abortion
  • Public Funding for private and charter schools
  • Restoring voting rights for those who have served their time incarcerated and have been paroled

I'm proud to say our union Brother Robert also spoke on the importance of collective bargaining and how it has helped to ensure that millions of Floridians can provide for themselves and their loved ones. By allowing them to negotiate for decent wages and benefits, along with workplace protections. Brother Robert highlighted the importance of collective bargaining to all Floridian and also put a real face on all of us who are public sector employees. So that our fellow Floridians would see we are just like them. Citizens of this great state; who are their neighbors, friends, and fellow workers. We once again thank Brother Horton for his service and active participation in our local. Follow the link for a complete list of committee members and their Bios, along with an excerpt from the Miami Herald on the Town Hall.

04/04/17: HB11 Update:. A bill being pushed by the Florida House of Representatives will make it easier to de-certify unions in Florida. If this bill becomes law; a local union would need at least 50% of the total bargaining unit to be dues paying members. If not, the local would be automatically de-certified and would have to go through a process to justify why they have less than the 50% to get re-certified.

In that time of going through this process. The members of that local would basically not  have  an authorized representative to administer the contract and address member grievances and/or disciplinary actions. They would also not have an authorized representative to make sure all parts of the contract; which includes wages, and other benefits such as sick leave, longevity pay, allowances (i.e. Tool, etc.), AOA pay, night differential, etc. Are paid to the members of the bargaining unit members under the contract.

The bill excludes fire and police. It is the old divide and conquer strategy. HB11 was passed by the Florida House (75-41); on a strict party line vote; on March 30. All 75 Republicans (9 from Miami Dade and Broward) voted Yea (In Favor of the Bill), and all 41 Democrats (20 from Miami Dade and Broward) voted Nay (Against the Bill. Please see the attached Representative lists, So that we can inform ourselves as to which politicians stand with us and those who stand againt us. The bill now goes to the Senate; where once again our P.E.O.P.L.E. Reps will try to stop it in committee. Read More.

03/11/17: Legislative Session Update: Brothers and Sisters, in an effort to keep our local updated on State Legislature matters this session, please read the second paragraph; which explains how legislation (HB 11/SB 1292)  was introduced yet again to try to decertify Public Sector Unions like ours. We will keep you updated as the session proceeds for the next 57 days. Legislative Session Update.

03/02/17: Anti Public Sector Employee Unions Actions:

Brothers and Sisters,

In our locals continuing efforts, we would like to keep you informed as to legislative actions from around the country and from Tallahassee which are anti-labor; especially targeting our rights as  public sector employees; to be represented by our union. Legislation that through our PAC (Political Action Committee), P.E.O.P.L.E. (Public Employees Organized Promoting Legislative Equality); we fight to defeat everyday. P.E.O.P.L.E. is a PAC that relies on members voluntary contributions. Not union dues.

These so called "Right To Work" laws are really "Right To Earn Less' and "Right To Get Fired At Will" laws. Legislation that is both anti-labor and anti public sector employees. We urge all our union brothers and sisters to stay informed and become active in our local. So that together we can stay strong!  In Solidarity, please follow the links below:

1.On the upcoming review process of our state constitution. A constitution which includes the right for us to collectively bargain (Art 1 Section 6). A right which could recommended for elimination by the review committee. 

2. Quick guide from League of Women voters on the review process.

3. HB11; a bill proposed by the GOP controlled house that would make it harder to organize  or remain a union. Article XI Amendmentto Florida Constitution.

4. HF 291, a law recently passed by the Iowa legislature and signed by their governor. Which basically does what the Wisconsin law did to unions in that state. It basically allows unions to negotiate for wages only. No benefits or protections.

Greetings Sisters and Brothers,

The Florida AFL-CIO is preparing all of our various communication outlets to ensure you have the best, up to date information about what is transpiring at the Capitol, how it impacts your membership and most importantly, how you can get involved.

  • Our Legislative Update is a weekly, print publication that will be mailed to all of our affiliates and activists with detailed information on the legislation we are monitoring and how it is progressing through the legislative process.  These will also be posted each week on our website.  The first Legislative Update will print on or around March 18th.
  • Our E Messenger twice weekly electronic newsletter will be used to keep you up to speed on what is going on in the legislature as well as political, economic and Labor news from around the state and the country.
  • We will issue Legislative Alerts via email using all of our various databases whenever action is needed from our local leaders, members and activists.
  • We are gearing up our Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other social media capacity to build a strong online community that can react quickly and decisively when needed on important legislation.

In addition to the various communication outlets above, we will also be sending Legislative Briefs to all of our affiliates each Friday.  These will offer very brief outlines as to what happened during the days prior and updates as to what is coming in the weeks ahead.  We encourage you to forward these to your members, friends and family as we work this session to beat back the attacks on our workers, retirees and their families.


Rich Templin, Ph.D.
Legislative & Political Director
Florida AFL-CIO 
(850) 224-6926 / (850) 566-4348 cell
Twitter: @rtemplin

"Washing one's hands of the conflict between the powerful and the powerless
means to side with the powerful, not to be neutral." - Paulo Freire

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