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Benefits and Discounts for AFSCME Members.

College Campus

AFSCME Free College Benefit: Education is the key to new opportunities, greater responsibility and more earning power. That’s why The AFSCME Free College Team is excited to offer you the AFSCME Free College benefit. AFSCME members like you Never Quit learning. Enrollment advisors are ready to help you fulfill your dream of completing your degree! 


New classes at Eastern Gateway Community College start October 17. You still have time to complete the enrollment process before the October 10, 2018 deadline and continue on your path to completing a degree. For a complete application and enrollment information visit or call 888-305-5534.

Online Shopping

Mortgages for Union Families: As AFSCME members, we're used to being protected at work. Why should our mortgage be any different? 


When things get tough financially, the Union Plus Mortgage offers interest-free loans and grants to qualifying union members that can keep you in your home.

We're Here to Help you Feel at Home. We will help you understand your options and choose the right financing option for you and your family.


Real Estate Discounts for Union Families: Spring is house-hunting season. With the Union Plus Real Estate Rewards, you'll be connected with local real estate agents who are pre-screened against a rigorous set of qualification requirements.


You can  earn $500 cash back for every $100,000 in home value when you use a  real estate agent, approved by SIRVA. The cash-back offer is not available in all states.* Union members earn on average $1,173.**

Insurance Agent

Find the Insurance Plan that is right for you:

From life insurance to auto insurance, Union Plus offers union members and their families a wide range of insurance products to meet their needs.


Subscribe to the FREE Bill & Statute Tracking System:

Follow the link and fill out the form to open your subscription account today. After you submit your account information, an activation key will be sent to the e-mail address you provided.  Please check your e-mail for further information regarding activation of your account.


Can you retire comfortably? Should you take a monthly pension or lump sum? What should you do about taxes, inflation and debt? Marc Silverman can answer these questions and more by creating a personal retirement plan that’s right for you. Our Online Resource for information About the Florida Retirement System. The first goal of Silverman Financial is to help you understand what everything means. Through our various workshops, you can meet with us in person and listen to experts speak on topics regarding your retirement options. 

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