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For the most current news that affects you, we encourage you to follow the National Chapter News page here. We will periodically post local news that affects you on this page.

A new report shows how unions help working people. When working people have the freedom to come together in strong unions, entire communities benefit. Unions give everyday working people the power in numbers they need to make their communities safer and stronger, and they are critical to fixing an economy rigged in favor of the rich and powerful.

Whether it’s EMS workers negotiating for better staff ratios that decrease emergency response times, or teachers speaking up together for smaller class sizes, this report underscores that strong unions are needed now more than ever. The case studies included in this report are just a few examples of the many ways strong unions are making our communities and our country stronger for everyone. Read the report now.

For over 75 years, AFSCME has fought for a better future for public service workers and America’s working families. It was true in 1932 in Madison, WI when we started, continued when we received our official charter from the American Federation of Labor just a few years later in 1936, and is just as true today – as we continue the fight of our lives in Wisconsin and across the entire country.  And that’s why, today, we’re proud to share AFSCME’s storied history with you on our new 75th Anniversary website.  It tells the story of the women and men of AFSCME who have always made up the heart and soul of our union. Please take a few minutes to explore it today. More.


Americans' Support for Labor Unions Continues to Recover: Americans' approval of labor unions has jumped five percentage points to 58% over the past year, and is now at its highest point since 2008, when 59% approved. More.


Working America: The Department of Labor recently announced new regulations aimed at strengthening overtime pay protections so workers who make lower wages don’t end up putting in overtime hours for free. And right now everybody (including you!) has a chance to weigh in. Add your voice and let the DOL know where you stand. Click here to send a comment to the Department of Labor telling them to strengthen overtime pay protections.


When employees are made to work overtime without pay, they miss out on quality time with their loved ones and have a harder time caring for them. No one who goes to work full time should be living in poverty. While we can do a lot more to help working families make ends meet, the new rules are a step in the right direction. The guidelines will automatically extend overtime protection to at least five million additional workers and secure the overtime rights of another ten million. They will get more money by being compensated for working overtime, or more time to spend with their families. 


Either way, it’s a win because workers will no longer run the risk of being wrongly denied overtime. These new rules are a good start—but we can still do even better for working families. Leave a comment for the Department of Labor telling them to strengthen overtime pay protections now.

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